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Best Swim Lessons in Tyler TX

Learning to swim is one of the most important skills we learn in life. For us, at Swim Lessons Tyler it is so much more. We love all things swimming, from teaching swim lessons for all ages to competitive swim team training and beyond. Our mission is to safely teach each individual potentially life-saving swim skills within a warm friendly environment. Every class is customized to the needs of the individual who is allowed to progress at their own pace.


The best swim lessons in Tyler Texas are created by our quality coaching staff. All classes are kept small so that every swimmer receives the attention they need to succeed. Our quality swim lessons program has been tested and refined by over thirty years of constant updating. We know what works so that your valuable time is not wasted. Our program helps grow the self-confidence and the skills every person needs to swim safely.

Robert Fletcher


Robert “Fletch” Fletcher directs Swim Lessons Tyler. Having spent over forty years acquiring the experience of coaching, swimmer development, and coaching development, Fletch has literally taught thousands of people of all ages how to swim and to perform at their chosen level. Whether your goal is to make it across the pool or to the Olympics, Fletch will get you there in the shortest time. He is an American Swim Coaches Association (ASCA) Level 5 certified coach and brings a caring warmth to communicating with all levels of swimmers rarely found in such high ranking coaches.

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Swimming Lessons for All Ages and Abilities

Learn to swim programs are not created equal. Our facility is used by the Tyler Independent School District and the well known Tyler Regional Aquatic Club, the most winning age group swim team in East Texas. We teach swim lessons to all levels from toddlers who have never seen a swimming pool to future Olympians who are looking to earn a college scholarship. We do not age discriminate – we believe it is never too late to learn to swim! Come see for yourself how fun it can be to learn to swim or to improve your swimming through quality swim lessons in Tyler.

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